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Celebrating 10 years!

"Temper Tot Tramples Guernica" Ron English, 2021

"Temper Tot Tramples Guernica," Ron English, 2021

Silkscreen on 320 gram Coventry Rag paper with hand deckled edges

Image Size: 19" x 38"

Paper Size: 25" x 43"

An edition of 199 + 10 APs + 10 PPs + 20 Foundation Proofs

Signed & Numbered in Pencil by Artist with Certificate of Authenticity 

Printed by Gary Lichtenstein Editions

Mural Creation Year: 2015

Price: $1000.00 USD

10th Anniversary Collectors Set

Limited to 20 complete sets at this special price!

Signed & Numbered in Pencil by the Artist with Certificate of Authenticity 

Each set will have corresponding numbered editions

Printed by Gary Lichtenstein Editions

Price: $3,500.00 USD

About Ron English

Ron English was born in 1966 in Dallas, Texas and today still refers to Dallas as his home. Today he is considered to be one of the most influential and charismatic artists alive and is hailed by many as the father of modern contemporary art. English’s unique style uses a mixture of bright, high and low cultural iconic images along with a strong dose of comic book heroes, blending them with mythological and historic figures. It is no wonder he is an artist whose work will feature the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Venus in the same capacity. In many ways English creates a world of artistic evolution in his paintings – he paints, sculpts, writes, designs album and book covers and is also a graphic designer. All his talents can’t take away the fact that English also happens to be a bit of a trouble maker for corporate organizations. Many of them have come under fire by English in his works – he has boldly attacked McDonalds, Trump Towers and the war on Iraq in his works. English doesn’t shy away from political sentiments when it comes to his work. If he is unhappy with something or someone he will gladly manifest it into his work and showcase it for the whole world to see.


He may draw ire from corporations and the political world but he continues to win deep admiration from people around the world. English literally exploded on the global scene with his unforgettable images on the walls, streets, museums, movies, books and grocery stores of all places as well. Some of his most iconic imagery includes the obese McDonald’s mascot he designed for the Oscar nominated documentary “Super Size Me.” Another masterpiece which graced the streets of New York was the Abraham Obama portrait which was a mash-up of the 16th and 144th Presidents of America. Ron English is simply fearless when it comes to being an artist and an icon for many across the world.

            ~Excerpted from Famous Painters

About GLE

Gary Lichtenstein Editions is a publisher and printer of fine art silkscreen editions and multiples. Over the course of his remarkable 45-year career, Gary Lichtenstein has collaborated with a wide variety of different artists including Cey Adams, Charlie Ahearn, Doug Argue, Janette Beckman, Joanne Greenbaum, Jane Dickson, Oasa DuVerney, Bob Gruen, Charles Hinman, Alfred Leslie, Eric Orr, James Prosek, Shelter Serra and Jessica Stockholder. He has printed for industry legends including Marina Abramovic, Robert Cottingham, Robert Indiana and Ken Price. 



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