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 The LISA Project NYC is a groundbreaking public art charity dedicated to transforming urban spaces through captivating street, graffiti and contemporary art murals. By partnering with acclaimed artists, property owners, prestigious brands, and community organizations, LISA has been instrumental in revitalizing neighborhoods, fostering civic pride, and creating powerful connections between art and communities. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and social impact,  LISA Project NYC continues to push the boundaries of public art, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of New York City and beyond. 

We are proud to be celebrating a decade of “Art for the Streets!”

The mission of LISA Project NYC simply stated, is to bring a diverse group of artists, free art based events and activities to all boroughs and neighborhoods of New York. LISA encourages the local community, art fans and tourists alike, from around the world to visit New York to participate, view and photograph the art work. 

Over the last 10 years LISA has grown into a premiere public arts program with both a national and international reach, with charitable and commercial projects around the world. We are proud to be gay owned and diversely operated for the good of our neighbors.


-Community Beautification Program, make ugly into clean and lovely

-Raise awareness for community issues via mural art  

-Provide art supplies and volunteer activities to some of the most economically challenged children in the 5 boroughs of New York

The Team


Wayne Rada

Executive Director/ Curator

Wayne is a visionary and art enthusiast renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to the realms of comedy and street art. Starting his career in radio, he produced the highly acclaimed comedy talk show, Steve & Garry, which ignited his passion for comedy entertainment. Wayne's discerning eye for talent led him to successfully book and produce shows for renowned comedians like Patrice Oneal, Bonnie McFarlane, and Big Jay Oakerson.

Fuelled by his deep appreciation for art, Wayne embarked on an extraordinary journey, creating the Art of Comedy—a captivating mural art project showcased on Instagram. Collaborating with esteemed street artists such as GILF!, Hanksy, and Ron English, Wayne infused the 2012 New York Comedy Festival with a delightful blend of humor and creativity. Unfortunately, the event faced unexpected disruption due to the devastating Hurricane Sandy, causing havoc in Lower Manhattan.

Amidst the recovery efforts, Wayne astutely recognized the overwhelming interest generated by the murals. Seizing the opportunity, he forged a partnership with the Little Italy Merchants, resulting in the inception of the Little Italy Street Art Project NYC (LISA)—an esteemed art charity. Over the course of eight years, LISA has produced an impressive portfolio of over 500 murals worldwide, thereby solidifying Manhattan's position as a vibrant mural district.

Driven by an unwavering commitment to supporting artists, Wayne expanded his pursuits into diverse domains, encompassing marketing, branding, art consulting, and collection management. Notably, he has proudly collaborated with distinguished brands such as Coach Inc., Guess Clothing, Tommy Hilfiger, Hennessy, and Modelo Especial Beer. Moreover, Wayne has forged exceptional marketing partnerships with renowned entities like HSBC, Heritage of Pride, Arlo Hotels, and MACYS.

One of Wayne's most recent achievements, the World Pride|Mural Project, serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication. This extraordinary initiative commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Gay Rights Movement and the 20th Anniversary of World Pride, leaving an indelible mark on the artistic landscape. Wayne's relentless ambition persists, continually creating unparalleled opportunities and inspiring artists on a global scale.


Rey Rosa

Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer

Renowned artist Rey "The DR!F" Rosa is a Latin American and Caribbean abstract-expressionist, muralist, and photographer based in Bronx, New York, with roots in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rey's creative journey began at a young age, exploring various artistic domains, from choir and culinary arts to sound engineering. However, a life-altering near-death experience in 2010 ignited his deep connection with street art.

During hospital visits, Rey discovered the captivating world of street art, sparking his passion. Immersed in this vibrant subculture, he extensively documented and studied street art through photography. Beyond capturing the art, Rey co-founded The LISA Project NYC to foster closer connections and create opportunities for talented artists. Encouraged by the very artists he admired, Rey found the confidence to create his own compelling works. His initial creations featured beloved characters called "The Pals," which garnered widespread acclaim and paved the way for his current abstract creations.

Rey draws inspiration from a diverse range of artistic influences, including luminaries like Jackson Pollock, Hua Tunan, Mr. Jago, Nosego, Gerhard Richter, Henri Matisse, CRASH, and Conor Harrington. His artistic prowess has been showcased in esteemed venues, including the Brooklyn Museum, as well as group exhibitions in Montreal, New York City, Dublin, and Art Basel Miami.

Notable career highlights include creating a poignant tribute mural for the victims of the Orlando PULSE Nightclub terror attack during NYC PRIDE WEEK 2016, in collaboration with Heritage of Pride Charity. Rey also collaborated with graffiti legend John "CRASH" Matos in a campaign introducing Tommy Hilfiger Denim to the USA, and contributed a captivating mural for Fashion Week 2016 in partnership with the Wilhelmina Models Agency.

Continuing to make an indelible mark in the art world, Rey has recently been commissioned to create interior murals for esteemed entities such as Douglas Elliman Real Estate Firm and the NY1 studios. His artistic journey exemplifies dedication to his craft, a relentless pursuit of creative expression, and an unwavering commitment to bringing art to diverse spaces and audiences.


ZROPRO aka ZeroProductivity

Lead Graphic Design

ZROPRO who also goes by the name "Z" is a Brooklyn based artist whose work focuses on graphic design, illustration, mural, photography, product design and sculpting. His work has appeared in exhibitions and events at notable establishments such as the Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Museum Shop, The High Line, The Museum of Modern Art Design Store, The L.I.S.A. Project NYC, Macy’s, Make A Wish Foundation, Microsoft Xbox One, ComplexCon, NewYork ComicCon and myplasticheart.


He is best known for creating the character PJ the Pigeon in 2008. PJ is an anthropomorphized cartoon pigeon representing the everyday person living in the big city. PJ is young at heart, sarcastic, and loves getting into random shenanigans.

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