The mission of LISA Project NYC simply stated, is to bring a diverse group of artists, free art based events and activities to all boroughs and neighborhoods of New York. LISA encourages the local community, art fans and tourists alike, from around the world to visit New York to participate, view and photograph the art work. 

Over the last 8 years LISA has grown into a premiere public arts program with both a national and international reach, with charitable and commercial projects around the world. We are proud to be gay owned and diversely operated for the good of our neighbors.


-Community Beautification Program, make ugly into clean and lovely

-Raise awareness for community issues via mural art  

-Provide art supplies and volunteer activities to some of the most economically challenged children in the 5 boroughs of New York

The Team


Wayne Rada

Executive Director/ Curator

Wayne is a visionary, always has been. That and an eye for talent, and what to do with that talent.

He started his career in radio producing Chicago's number one rated comedy talk show, Steve & Garry. It was there he got his taste for comedy entertainment world, which lead to booking and producing shows and representing some of the greatest comedy minds in the business, Patrice Oneal, Bonnie McFarlane and Big Jay Oakerson to name a few.

Wayne has always been an art enthusiast, he created the Art of Comedy. A mural art project that expanded the comedy experience through Instagram, a new social media platform then and humorous art for the 2012 New York Comedy Festival. For the project we needed a location. Little Italy a historic neighborhood, which couldn't put up advertising on their walls, but they could put up mural art, was perfect! Working with street artists Anne Lewis aka GILF!, Adam Lucas aka Hanksy and the culture jamming master Ron English, creating 7 murals. The Art of Comedy came to life, but with one very big unexpected guest, Hurricane Sandy. 


Lower Manhattan was devastated, without power, but slowly coming back to life. The Little Italy Merchants noticed an overwhelming interest in the art and seeing the power of the murals, they asked Wayne to curate more. One lead to another, and realizing he had created something very special, he applied structure, focus, gave the art program direction by establishing it an art charity for the public. Giving it a name with a nod to its roots on Mulberry Street the Little Italy Street Art Project NYC was born, orLISA for short. Since then in 8 years The LISA Project NYC has produced over 500 murals through out the world, and at home we created Manhattan's only mural district.


His ambition to create more opportunities for artists has grown into separate marketing, branding, art consulting and collection management. Proud to call Coach Inc., Guess Clothing, Tommy Hilfiger,  Hennessy and Modelo Especial Beer,  branding partners. And our fine marketing partners, HSBC, Heritage of Pride, Arlo Hotels and MACYS. His latest international endeavor was the World Pride|Mural Project in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall Gay Rights Movement and the 20th Anniversary of World Pride.   




Rey Rosa

Co-Founder/Chief Operating Officer

Artist Rey “The DR!F” Rosa is a Latin American, Caribbean abstract-expressionist, muralist & photographer born and raised in Bronx, New York with family from San Juan, PR. Since the age of 14, he has always had a fervor for different fields of creative expression from choir to culinary arts to sound engineering. His relationship with street-art started in 2010 after a near-death experience.  During frequent visits to the hospital, is where he discovered street art. Inspired, he began seeking out more street art, studying and photo documenting it. 

When photographing the art wasn’t enough, The DRiF co-founded The LISA Project NYC to get closer to and help create opportunities for these amazing artists. As he worked more and more with them, The DRiF found the confidence and was encouraged by the very artists he was documenting to start creating his own work and putting it on the street. His characters “The Pals” were a hit and led him to his more current abstract work. Influences include Jackson Pollock, Hua Tunan, Mr. Jago, Nosego, Gerhard Richter, Henri Matisse, CRASH and Conor Harrington.


The DR!F's work has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum along with group shows in Montreal, New York City, Dublin and for Art Basel Miami. Rey had the honor of creating a tribute mural for the victims of the Orlando PULSE Nightclub terror attack for NYC PRIDE WEEK 2016 for Heritage of Pride Charity along the parade route. He was part of a campaign introducing Tommy Hilfiger Denim to the USA w/ graffiti legend John” CRASH” Matos and a mural for Fashion week 2016 for Wilhelmina Models Agency 

Recently DRiF was commission to do an interior mural for Douglas Elliman Real Estate Firm and for the NY1 studios.




ZROPRO aka ZeroProductivity

Lead Graphic Design

ZROPRO who also goes by the name "Z" is a Brooklyn based artist whose work focuses on graphic design, illustration, mural, photography, product design and sculpting. His work has appeared in exhibitions and events at notable establishments such as the Brooklyn Historical Society, Brooklyn Museum Shop, The High Line, The Museum of Modern Art Design Store, The L.I.S.A. Project NYC, Macy’s, Make A Wish Foundation, Microsoft Xbox One, ComplexCon, NewYork ComicCon and myplasticheart.


He is best known for creating the character PJ the Pigeon in 2008. PJ is an anthropomorphized cartoon pigeon representing the everyday person living in the big city. PJ is young at heart, sarcastic, and loves getting into random shenanigans.